9 More Can’t Fail Conversation Topics So Your First Dates Don’t Suck

The outcome of a first date can determine whether or not you spend the rest of your life alone!

Last week we discussed can’t fail first date conversation topics.

Here are a few more things to talk about on a first date:

1.  Ex boyfriends.  Points to emphasize are:

  • You still love him.
  • How dramatic the relationship was/is.
  • He is a psycho.
  • How you let him walk all over you.
  • If he is an MMA fighter.

And how good he was in bed.


2.   Sexual Innuendos are always good.  Order foods that are shaped like wieners like,

  • Sausages
  • Bananas
  • Wieners

 Getting him to think of your mouth + something wiener shaped is a winning combo!


3.  Family History.  For me it’s,

“My dad is a mother effing Marine and knows 6 ways to kill a man with one hand.  What’s your family like?”


4.   Ask him if he wants to pet your kitty


Pet your kitty.


5. Women are so phony with their “lipstick” and “manners”.  Guys want to know what you are really like behind the smoke and mirrors.

One way to show him is to talk about your health problems!

Any thing having to do with your vajayjay is good such as STD’s or “that time of the month”!

It serves two purposes.  Not only will this get him to think about your love tunnel, but will also show him you are “keeping it real”.


6.  Show your confidence by talking smack about other women.


** Pro tip:  Before heading to the lavatory tell him you will miss him while you’re gone. 


Do you make me look fat?

7.Guys like to give compliments, like…


“You could never talk too much” or

 “You don’t look fat”


This is why you HAVE to ask him if you look fat!  You’re giving him the opportunity to say you look skinny!


The woman who often asks if she looks fat is the woman who is never lonely on Saturday night.


8. Wedding dresses.  Actually just wear one on the date.


9.  Invite him in for a nightcap.  Or to view your “wedding” album on Pinterest!

In case you missed it here are more things to talk about on a first date