How to Get a Date (if you’re nuts) – part 2

graph-1What’s the most important thing in the world?




The first step in not dying alone is getting a date!

Sure you could try Tinder, but those guys don’t want to go on actual dates.  They simply enjoy seeing how many matches they can get and your biological clock can’t wait for Tinder guys! You must be more proactive than ever and try these advanced techniques to get a date!

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Sexy Halloween Costumes for Funny People

Timeline_Cover_doNotRename75Deciding on a Halloween costume is stressful! Your main concern should be how to be as scary as possible.

Just kidding!

It’s choosing a costume that best represents your inner attention seeking whore!

You just have to decide which type of sexy Halloween costume is right for you!


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How to Get a Date (if you’re nuts) – part 1

Jennifer Leigh Strauss Photography

Jennifer Leigh Strauss Photography

Big knockers count for so much. They are the difference between spending Saturday night on a date or spending it with your single, flat-chested girlfriends watching Drew Barrymore movies while eating cookie dough.

But there is hope:

You could wear a push-up bra!

Or get a pity date!

But let’s be honest, if you’re a member of the Itty-Bitty-Titty-Committee you’ll need to be proactive if you want to get a date.

Here are 7 Ways to Get a Date

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 20 Gifts for the Bacon Lover

Billy-has-32-pieces-of-baconBuying a gift for a man is tough!  You’re stuck with the option of ties and tools, but what if you want to “WOW” him?

Whether you need a gift for your dad, a grad or your baby daddy, follow Oscar Mayer’s advice:  “Say It With Bacon”!

Here are 20 gifts for the bacon lover’s in your life!
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Never Trust a Guy Who Likes Valentine’s Day!

Never trust a guy who likes Valentine’s Day because he’s tricking you!  What he really likes is March 14th which is Steak & a BJ Day!

funny valentine selfishSteak and BJ Day Defined:  ”Men work very hard to satisfy their lovers on Valentine’s Day and given their ebullient dedication, Steak & BJ Day is a joyous opportunity to repay the favor. No cards, no flowers, no special nights on the town; the name explains it all: just a steak and a BJ on March 14th. That’s it.”

**Translation: A guy invented a manipulative holiday so his girlfriend would give him more mouth romance!

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5 People to Avoid on Super Bowl Sunday

Cat in a bowl

Don’t watch the Super Bowl with cats.

It’s Super Bowl time, which means it’s the best time!

  • It’s like your birthday and Christmas rolled into one!
  • It’s like being on an all carb diet without gaining weight!
  • It’s better than a guy calling after he humps you!

Super Bowl Sunday is the best day of the year!

…which is why you don’t want to watch it with sucky people.

Here are 5 People to Avoid on Super Bowl Sunday!

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